Should An Athlete Take Supplements Before Working Out?

Anyone that wants to get the most out of their workout… and that’s everyone… should really put their all into each movement. Make reps full and strong, and be sure the right amount of weight is being used. True, it’s difficult to get out of bed early to workout but with some help it can be a little easier to bounce up in the morning ready to face a great workout that will have one’s endorphins bursting forth.

A pre-workout supplement is the answer for many. It helps athletes get pumped up for a better and more effective workout. Of course, caffeine will always be present in these pre-workout supplements, so it’s important to know how it will affect the body before, during and after workouts. There are plenty of choices one can make to improve their diet and get a better workout. Explore them all before making a choice.

So Many Supplements!

There are plenty of different pre-workout supplements on the market today. Each one makes various claims of improving workouts, giving the athlete more energy, and improving health overall. For those that lack focus or energy, or have a hard time recovering one of these pre-workout supplements may be the answer.

There have been studies that prove taking these supplements before a workout will increase cardio activity and give a better workout experience that will lead the person to continue working out on the daily.

How Pre-Workout Supplements Work

The ingredients in these supplements are combined to make sure particular effects within the cardiovascular system. Since most contain caffeine, it’s important for anyone taking them to go easy on other caffeinated products. Up to 300 mg of caffeine is the equivalent of about three cups of coffee or soda.

Some other ingredients that give to the results achieved are arginine that improves blood flow, and dimethylamylamine to up the heart rate. The former is a bit safer than the latter, so it’s important to read all the ingredients in any pre-workout supplement before taking it. It never hurts to consult with a doctor either. They can tell on the safest supplements as well as give some dietary options to help.

Possible side effects

Pre-workouts will certainly help an athlete feel more energy and have overall success related to their workouts. However, in any case it’s important to weigh all the risks associated. There are risks with just existing though, so don’t completely write off supplements due to warnings. Every person is different. The best advice is to okay it with a family doctor or internist.

Pre-workout supplements raise a person’s heart rate, so depending on the level of activity for the day they may not always be a great addition. In these cases, one can turn to dietary options. So if one is going to run a marathon, a supplement is not a great choice. If they are only doing some lifting, it could be a good one. Other side effects are feeling jittery, or nervous.

Popular Food Alternatives

No one needs pre-workout supplements every day. They can still have a great workout with proper nutrition. There are many foods that fuel workouts in almost the same way. Choose those that are considered complex carbohydrates, as well as lean protein. The energy provided by these foods is long-lasting with no side effects at all.

For example, beef jerky, peanut butter, bananas, whole wheat breads and crackers, and cheese sticks are all great options. Never overload on supplements, and only use them when necessary. This way one can reap the benefits but still be safe from any possible complications from caffeine overload.