Oxygen and Its Many Uses

Oxygen is a vital element of our environmental system. It is the basic building block of human life. The deficiency of it causes different diseases in the human body and can also cause death. But we human beings have not recognized this basic truth and have continuously sacrificed this vital element in lieu of industrialization, deforestation and urbanization.

Oxygen has many benefits are those are as follows-

• It slows down the process of aging

• It stimulates the immune system

• Oxygen improves brain function and capacity to remember

• It oxidizes toxin so that it is easily eliminated through skin, kidneys and colons

• It helps to inactivate bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungi and protozoa.

• Rejuvenates skin and makes it cleaner and softer

• Increases respiration of the cell

• Create a feeling of overall well being

• Relaxes muscles and increases flexibility

• Increase metabolism of organs and endocrine glands

• Increases blood circulation

Our modern world has many issues which affect the human life directly. Sedentary lifestyle, poor nutritional choice, lack of regular exercise, stress and strains, shallow breathing because of excessive air pollution- these common problems leads to low energy level, frequent illness and poor health condition.

Oxygen Spa can be of great help. These spas offer unique and innovative solutions. They provide oxygen detox sessions that oxygenates and detoxify the entire body. In a single session one can be cleansed and energized. Pure and high -density oxygen will be diffused into the steam and through the skin it enters and bathes the tissues and cells with a pure bathe of oxygen. At the end of the session one feels relaxed and refreshed. Many of the clients actually are amazed at the black debris it releases after each session.

Oxygen is vital to life and it also plays an active part in the health and condition of the skin. It also calms and sooth the nerve after a hard day. This is precisely the reason why an extensive line of oxygen products and equipments have replaced the salon and spa equipments. The salon and spa business thrives with the added demand and exposure and the customer satisfaction that the products bring with it. These products bring maximum profit with minimal investment. When a client enters a spa or a salon there is an oxygen bar to sooth their tensed nerve and there is also supplemental oxygen provided as they wait for their skin treatment to take off. Or the clients can also consume oxygenated water to help refresh them after a hard day at work.

By integrating both the services or by integrating oxygen based products with spa and salon equipments the spa service providers actually boosts the level of their revenue.