Do’s and Dont’s during an online eye exam

Is this the first time that you are going to have an online eye exam?  Well, there is no need to feel tensed or intimidated then. Rather you need to gain some critical information about what to do and the things that you need to avoid before having an online eye exam.

And this article is just going to help you get information on this.

Do these before having an online eye test

Find out whether you are having any symptoms

So the first thing on the to-do list is to find out whether you are having any symptoms. Whether you are already using lenses or not does not matter but make sure to find out whether you have symptoms such as headache, dry eyes, watery eyes, blurry vision, light sensitivity, and so on. You may need to inform about such symptoms to the ophthalmic during the prior online consultation.

Have your current prescription with you and even any other ophthalmic medicines

Before an aviation eye examination is conducted the online ophthalmic in charge of conducting your test may check out your existing lens prescription details along with any medicines or eye drops that you are currently using. Make sure to keep them close by.

Have a brief idea about your family medical history specifically about eye problems

During the online consultation, the doctors may even ask you about your family medical background about any eye problems. Do some research about your family background on eye problems.

And here are some of the things to avoid before an online eye test

Avoid putting too much pressure on your eyes

Do not put too much pressure on your eyes just before the exam such as sitting on a laptop or watching tv for hours. Digital eye strain may cause the test results to differ slightly as the ocular muscles in your eye may be stressed or flexed too much.

Avoid drinking too much coffee and alcohol

Drinking coffee and alcohol just before your eye test may raise your blood pressure. Alcohol and caffeine may also cause your eyes to feel irritated, itchy, and dry and you may end up giving inappropriate test results.

Not knowing whether your existing health insurance covers the eye test expenses

Always know whether your existing health policy covers the benefits of your eye test expenses. Your eye care policy may help you to save a lot during your eye tests.

Avoid being too tensed

Avoid being under too much tension. Remain calm as during the online tests there will be an expert conducting video sessions with you to guide you.

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